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Joan Lund, May, 2012 or 813-931-9727

It’s old news by now but I want all of you who attended the District Annual Assembly to know that it was good to be with you. The program was outstanding and was so appropriate for our upcoming Justice GA, 2012. The importance of as many as possible Florida UUs attending General Assembly (GA) this year cannot be emphasized too much and it is not too late for you to register and find lodgings.

Immigration justice will be part of our GA passionate engagement. Stories abound of congregations throughout our faith working on immigration social justice. One comes from Cedar Falls, Iowa about their support of a local immigrant family after a workplace raid that led to the arrest and deportation of more than 300 workers. The raid received national publicity and created widespread outrage and concern as families were separated, children were left parentless, and people were detained without access legal assistance and support. The UU congregation entered into an interfaith partnership with other congregations/organizations to provide support and community for affected families. After helping a Guatemalan family get jobs, work permits, and social security numbers the congregation has expanded to support other immigrant families in the community.

In Northborough, MA after an unfortunate automobile accident involving alcohol and an undocumented Ecuadorean driver killing a man, UUs joined other groups of faith to listen to the Ecuadorian community of Northborough publicly share the indignities and severity of oppression to which they were being subjected. With the help of other allied communities UUs helped organize volunteers and provided transportation for much needed shopping. This action promoted trust between the Ecuadorean population and the “Anglo” allies. Other problems were tackled by the allies and the experience was both rewarding and valuable to everyone involved.

Is your congregation involved with groups in the community who are helping in the work of righting the wrongs of unfair treatment of immigrants in your area? All of us must be true to our UU values and become involved where immigration work is needed. Ideas abound if you “prowl around” including “Cooking Together: Recipes for Immigration Justice Work”. Please contact me if you have Trustee questions, concerns, ideas etc. or phone 813-931-9727. As Frasier Crane of television sitcom fame would say, “I’m listening.”

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