Proposed Governance Changes

Please click here to learn about changes in district governance proposed by your Florida District Board, in collaboration with UUA and UUA Southern Region staff.

Southern Region web site

Please visit the Southern Region website for up to date information on events in the Florida District. The regional site is a work in progress, as we find the best way to streamline our work as a region while honoring the hard work and interests of the districts we serve. If there is something you feel would be valuable to other Southern Region UU leaders, please share it with our regional webmaster.

Regionalization of Southern Districts

The Florida, Mid-South, Southeast and Southwest Districts’ staff team including Congregational Life Consultants (known as the “Halleluujah” staff), District Administrative Staff, and Congregational Leaders who are Consultants have been combined to provide deeper and better resources for all of our 219+ congregations in 13 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Republic of Mexico. The UUA is committed to to providing equitable and effective allocation of resources between congregations by better distributing existing personnel.
Click here for a printable brochure about these changes and the Southern Region of the UUA.


What’s All This Talk About Regionalization?

Our Unitarian Universalist Association Faces This New Age

“New occasions teach new duties,” asserts one of our great hymns.
Our UUA is learning just that in this time of great change.
You perhaps have heard of “regionalization” and a restructuring
of how our Association works with congregations,
particularly around District services.
The Florida District is part of the Southern Region.

To learn more about this, you are invited to hear this presentation by
the Reverend Teresa Cooley, Director of Congregational Life.
It is an engaging and clear articulation of what’s emerging.


Biscayne Unitarian Sets Sail To Serve
Northeastern Dade’s Biscayne Corridor

Sunday Worship Services Begin February 3rd at Pelican Harbor Marina

Biscayne Unitarian, a new Unitarian Universalist (UU) religious community being established to serve residents along the Biscayne corridor of northeastern Miami-Dade, announces the launch of community programs and monthly worship services that give voice to liberal religious views and provide a spiritual space to meaningfully connect with welcoming, diverse, and open-minded individuals and families.

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